I love artwork throughout my home, it not only is a way to add extra colour throughout your space, but it provides you with the opportunity to showcase more of your personal style.

If you do inexpensive artwork correctly, it will not only look beautiful, but it will look thoughtful and meaningful. On the flip side, if done poorly, it can look like, well….inexpensive and not so great.

Some artwork ideas that are simple and affordable are:

Frame scrapbook paper or wallpaper samples.

Simply cut out pieces of the paper to the size of the frames you are using, place the paper in the frames, and voila….beautiful artwork!

Simple, affordable and an easy way to add colour to your space.

Use masking tape to create a geometric, abstract painting.

  • Paint a colourful random design on a canvas,
  • After the paint has dried, use masking tape to create a pattern you like,
  • Then paint over the whole thing in white.

Once the paint has dried, remove the tape and you will have an abstract art piece.

Wrap fabric around a rectangular or square piece of canvas, Styrofoam, and/or wood and staple it to the back.

·        Start by measuring the piece of canvas, Styrofoam and/or wood, and add about 1” on each side/edge.

·        Place the material on a flat surface with the print side towards the flat surface

·        Lay the canvas, Styrofoam or wood on the material, leaving the 1” extra material along the outside edging

·        Pull the material tight and begin to staple it to the back edging

·        (for corners, I like to create a fold, like you are wrapping a Christmas gift, it makes for a cleaner line)

Turn an old window into a picture frame.

If you like going to antique shops or garage sales, or even if you are creating a remodel on your own home, this is a neat way to showcase some of your favourite family pictures, or even landscape pictures you have taken from hikes or other adventures.

Depending on the window you are using, it may be as simple as adding your pictures. In other cases, you may need to paint or distress your window to give the desired look you prefer.

In both cases, these look great in any room!

Go to a local paint night with your friends.

This is a great excuse to make plans with your friends, relax, and create your very own masterpiece while enjoying a night out, and learning some new painting techniques.

This doesn’t cost very much (ranging from $25-50 depending), and sometimes you can luck into getting passes on Groupon!

You may discover your secret talent and become the next great artist! One of my girlfriends Terri is truly an amazing artist, and my first time doing a local paint night was one that she set up for us! Her work is pictured below:

And one of my favourites: Support local artist.

Yes, this may be on the costlier side of all the other options I have provided. But, not only are you supporting your community, you get to have amazing art pieces throughout your home.  I have a piece in my home completed by Jill Everson from Flatrock, NL (my hometown) and I absolutely love this piece, its the Marilyn painting pictured below!! You can check out more of her artwork on facebook: Paintings by Jill Everson (

Which of the above is your favourite?

Thank you for stopping by!

Much Love,

Katie, KDesign

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