Let’s get ORGANIZED!

What do you think of when you think of spring cleaning and organizing? Me, honestly, I kind of think, wouldn’t it be nice to be Cinderella!! Having those birds helping sweep the floors and other critters help with the chores! But in all honesty, the thought can be overwhelming, especially trying to balance a busy life while getting through a giant list of tasks!

What works for me, is focusing my energy where it will count….and hey, it never hurts to put on your favourite music, open the windows, and have a little dance party in between.  Our surroundings have an incredible impact on how we feel, and clutter can make us feel depressed –so spring cleaning and getting your space organized doesn’t just look good, it feels good!

Here are some organizing tips to help you get your space in order:


  • Have a central area to organize purses, keys, backpacks, mail, your wallet, etc. Always put it there.


  • Use plastic containers or a pretty basket to hold all of your bathroom paraphernalia, and place under the counter and bring it out when you need it, this will keep it out of sight when not in use.
  • Shower caddies are essential when organizing the shower space, they help keep the shampoos, conditioners, face scrubs and speciality in-shower treatments from taking over the whole space.
  • Use drawer organizers for makeup, jewellery, ponytail holders, and other loose items.


  • First things first, if you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it.
    • Use the hanger trick – when placing clothes in your closet for the season put the hangers in “backwards” then when you wear something, place it back the regular way, and at the end of the season, whichever clothes are left “backwards” donate!
    • Here is a link to show you how to:
  • Closet Laundry System:
    • Use colour separate baskets and one for dry cleaning – this will not only save you time from sorting, but you will know when you have enough for a full load.
  • Sorting Clothes:
    • Sort by season, and if you only have a small space; only keep the present season in your closet and try using under-bed storage containers for out of season clothing.
    • Put your clothes in categories that work for you. Color, formality, type or office wear are good places to start. (This saves time putting outfits together, and can save money from re-purchasing items you may have forgotten about.)
    • Use a shoe rack. Rotate your shoes like you do with your clothes; why bury all of your cute sandals with winter boots?
  • If you have space, try using hooks and pegboard on any closet wall space to hang purses, jackets, and accessories.


My number one rule for organizing the kitchen: Only keep things on the counter you use often.

  • Use a lazy-susan in the back of deep cupboards, so you never forget what is hiding back there!
  • Organize Tupperware in a lower drawer rather than a shelf, that way you can see all the containers, and hopefully be able to find a matching lid! If not, toss those ones!
  • Keep your fridge clean. After grocery shopping, rotate older food into the front so it’s used first.
  • Keep your drawers organized including the junk drawer that we all have; go through it monthly and get rid of any items you are not using.
  • Organize your kitchen cabinets into categories; some ideas:
Item Location
Utensil Drawer near the dishwasher
Pots and Pans near the stove
Kids Plates lower shelf (so they can have access)



  • Create storage (floating shelves, shelving units, wall planters etc.) to store stuffed animals, dolls, action figures, organize their books or other special items they have.
  • In a small space that doesn’t allow for extra storage, use a captain’s bed. This contains storage underneath which can be used for clothes or any other storage item.
  • Display their school artwork. Instead of having all of those papers in a drawer or container, use poster putty and display his/her favourite on one wall, creating a gallery style.
  • Use a two-compartment hamper so they can organize light clothes from dark clothes; make it fun by adding a hoop over the laundry basket for slam-dunking dirty clothes.




  • Use a plastic caddy to store cleaning supplies in and bring it from room to room.
  • Use a plastic laundry basket for quick pick up and transport of items to their proper homes each evening.
  • Each night before going to bed, spend 15 minutes de-cluttering and putting things back in their place. If you have children, make a game out of it and see who can pick up the most things in the shortest amount of time.
  • Make sure everything in your house has a home, and follow these rules:
    • If you take it out, put it back!
    • If you open it, close it!
    • If you throw it down, pick it up!
    • If you make a mess, clean it up!

And most importantly…Don’t leave things ’till later. Procrastination is the number one cause of clutter and mess.

I hope you enjoy the tips I shared, and please feel free to leave what works best for organizing your own home!

Lots of Love,





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