My Outside Space – Before and After:

Jason and I currently live in a condo, and our outdoor living space is a small concrete patio. By incorporating the tips that I provided in my previous blog post titled “Creating the Perfect Outdoor Space” which outlined how dimension, natural elements, comfort, ambience, and personal touches combined can create your perfect outdoor space; we have created a space that provides us with a sanctuary feel to escape the busy city life.

In my outside patio area, I incorporated dimension by creating a sitting area and adding vertical height differences with the planter stand as well as the flowerpot shelving unit.

Keeping with a nature feel for my outside space, I included various plants, a hollowed-out tree stump, which will be used as a planter, a mini fire feature, and I kept the color scheme all natural (white, grey, black).

The shelving unit currently holds some potted plants, various accent pieces, and the bottom shelf is left available for a little herb garden which we will complete when the weather is suitable for planting.

As our patio is small, it will not be used as an entertainment space, but more so as a space for Jason and I to enjoy our morning coffee, eat an occasional meal, and enjoy a glass (or two) of wine. Jason is in LOVE with this bistro set, and there was no changing his mind on having this in the space so everything had to work around that. I added the rug and included a throw to create a feeling of warmth and comfort, and with the combination of the natural elements, the asymmetrical balance creates unity and harmony throughout.

To create a sense of ambience in my space, I have included battery operated candles, as well as a lantern, and a mini fire feature. With the addition of a cozy throw and a rug, it to provided warmth to the space; while the furniture placement and natural elements create an overall sense of tranquillity.









Jason and I have created a shadow box craft, which includes rocks and twigs that we have collected from various hikes and places we have visited. This adds a personal touch to the space, while keeping with the au natural theme.

By following simple steps of incorporating elements of dimension, natural environment, comfort, ambience and personal touches, I reached the goal of creating an outside space that works for us.


I hope you all enjoyed the post and I would love to hear what you enjoy most about your outside space!

Lots of Love,



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